Partially new chassis compared to the naked SRK 350 but the engine is the same 36 horsepower twin-cylinder. It is intended for the Chinese market.
The Chinese QJ Motor will introduce on the national market in 2021، a 350 inspired by the larger sister SRG 600 (in turn derived from the Benelli BN600 ). The Chinese manufacturer, which recently signed distribution agreements with MV Agusa and belongs to the same Zhejiang QJmotor Co which owns the Benelli and Keeway brands , presented for 2021 a rather large line up of models dedicated to the – gigantic – internal market that it has recently jumped to first place in global dimensions .

The 350 you see in these photos published by the Chinese site shows a significantly different cycling base from the naked SRK 350 from which it derives. The rear monoshock is not on the left side but in the middle and the swingarm loses its tubular structure to become – at least it seems – a steel box, while the daisy brake discs are abandoned. As for the engine, the unit should be unchanged compared to the twin-cylinder 350 cc and 36 hp one also destined for the Harley-Davidson 338 project.

From the design point of view, we cannot fail to notice some citations of Japanese and Italian hypersports, but the line remains personal and pleasant even if it leaves us perplexed the exit of the exhaust without cover.

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