As the opening model, BMI presents the Keeway V250 FI type Modern Cruise which promises driving comfort and safety.

Carrying a tank capacity of 20 liters, the Keeway V250 FI is also armed with a V-engine 250 cc, 2 cylinder SOHC, and is equipped with five speed and injection combustion.

For Oto’s friends who like traveling long distances, the presence of a driving belt makes the sound of he Keeway engine much quieter but still powerful.



While in the brake compartment, a combination of CBS and front and rear discs makes the engine more responsive when braking abruptly. This safety standard is also supported by inverted shock absorbers, which also sharpen the appearance of the V250 FI.

On the legs, the Keeway V250 FI uses the front tire sizes of 120 / 80-16 and the rear tires of 140 / 70-16. The lighting system used is also quite complete, from the night light, the main light, the stop light, to convert the signal, all of which have LEDs. For compliance with traffic instructions and government regulations, the Hazard light feature does not forget to be embedded in this engine.

At the end of “Your Beautiful Way”, Oto Friends do not have to worry about being away from the power supply. This is because the Keeway V250 FI is also equipped with a USB charger for everyday mobile power needs.


Comes with two special types

The Keeway V250 FI is offered as a motorcycle with belt technology in the Cruiser class, with two special types including standard stickers and Geronimo stickers. In the Geronimo type, the label pattern is inspired by an Apache Indian leader in the United States.

The spirit of courage and the winning spirit of the Apache is designed by describing the eagle feathers, especially by the great Indonesian master Ignatius Hendra Vanadaja or better known as Mr. Bingki.

In terms of price, BMI has sold two Keeway V250 FI models at quite cheap prices. For the standard black color type, you only need to buy Rp. 56.6 million people on the road (OTR) Jakarta or Rp. 57.4 million OTR Bodetabek.

While the black and red type of Geronimo is priced at Rp. 57.6 million OTR Jakarta or Rp. 58.4 million OTR Bodetabek. For more information on specifications and purchases, you can visit the official BMI website in Benelli Indonesia.


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