KTM is a renowned Austrian motorcycle manufacturer known for its high-performance andoff-road motorcycles. With a strong emphasis on innovation and cutting-edge technology,KTM's bikes are designed to deliver exhilarating riding experiences both on and off the road.Their commitment to excellence has garnered numerous championships in various racingcompetitions worldwide. KTM's lineup features a diverse range of models catering to differentriding styles and preferences, ensuring there's a bike for every adventure seeker. Moreover,KTM's reputation for reliability and durability makes them a top choice among enthusiastsseeking thrilling and reliable rides.


Every single KTM showcases the purity of the design and uncompromising function that defines the READY TO RACE mentality. Out on your bike, looking ahead, and in the zone – nothing else matters. Taking the power and performance in your own hands and unleashing it at will, without distraction. No wasted space or weight – just everything you need for the ultimate ride. This is pure optimization taken to the limit.


Central to motorcycling is performance. For this is what really gets the pulse racing every time you head off on your bike. It is the one area that can touch all your senses and truly move you. With pupils dilated, pulse elevated, and mind at its most alert – performance induces an intense hyper-reality. This is why performance is the very foundation of KTM’s READY TO RACE philosophy. For without exceptional performance, victory is just not an option.


Adventure is a hunger to explore. Being willing to forego the safety of the -9to5- routine. It is a conscious decision to go beyond. Far outside your known world, miles past your comfort zone, and deep behind the visible horizon. For KTM, adventure represents a true test of your own limits of skill, character, resourcefulness, and survival. To adventure is not for everyone, but for those who commit to it, there is no end. So, get out there and go adventure!


Extreme circumstances expose weakness, highlight strength, and reveal the extraordinary. KTM’s commitment to living life to the extreme and building extreme motorcycles guarantees that every KTM ignites intense emotions and delivers pure thrills.! 

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the race never ends – ever! Each

race’s end merely signals the beginning of preparations for the next race. This insatiable hunger for race victory has amassed over 280 world championship titles to date. Racing is the ultimate test for any performance based technology, and is the driving force for KTM’s explosive growth, as it allows rapid adoption of race-bred technology into production models.


Racing provides the ultimate test for both man and machine. The roughest, most extreme environments and terrain types imaginable are where today’s KTMs have been tested, developed and built to thrive under the most intense race conditions. Whether the high flying action of Supercross, the blood, sweat and blisters of Extreme Enduro or the phenomenal physical and mental commitment required to take on the Dakar Rally – every single offroad KTM model is always READY TO RACE.


The concept of racing motorcycles is simple, raw and thrilling. Speed, danger and the battle for glory! Despite global dominance in offroad racing, KTM’s sense of adventure and obsession with performance now drives us to set our sights on the street segment. Motorcycle road racing showcases extreme speed, precision and focus. Where races are won by hundredths of a second, everything must be trimmed to the limit. Purity of design ensures that every KTM street motorcycle delivers phenomenal performance.


Since the foundation in 1953 KTM has gained more than 60 years of expertise on two wheels. Starting as solely an offroad motorcycle producer, KTM progressed to be an innovative manufacturer of street motorcycles and premium sport cars, too. Today, driven by the passion of every employee, KTM’s clear vision is to become the biggest manufacturer of sport motorcycles worldwide. To accomplish this vision, the company’s consistent long term strategy is built on three pillars: brand, globalization, innovation.

KTM’s corporate success is grounded in strengthening the brand values and communicating them appropriately. Then, now and in the future, the promise implicit in the READY TO RACE philosophy will always be delivered on in every product. The clear profile of the KTM brand and its continuity are mainstays of the brand’s success. Having KTM products used globally, and growing rapidly, is another important factor of the continued vision.

KTM successfully markets products that were developed with a great deal of effort. With a strong interest in motorsport, we constantly strive to develop our product range, to identify developing trends and to set new ones. Innovation and the highest development standards are crucial to achieving this vision.